Metaltropolis Supplies makes everything about your metal project easy. You ONLY need to come here (literally, you’ll find it all) because you’ll get:

  • Ready to place and weld metal products – we size and cut metal and steel on-site
  • Leading brands you need: Miller, Lincoln and many more
  • Metal services like CNC plasma and plasma art
  • Wide range of welding supplies
  • Industrial gases
  • All kinds of welding-related products (abrasives, fasteners, and safety material)
We’re your One-Stop Shop for convenient metal and welding projects.

Save yourself the hassle of running around town for your metal, your cutting, then your welding, and finally the finishing touches.

We provide you ‘no-brainer’ service… with everything taken care of in-house, you leave with the exact materials you need- sized and cut- while picking up the accessories to complete the job perfectly. Questions? Our thoroughly knowledgeable staff has your answers waiting.

You save time. You save inventory. You certainly save money.

We walk the talk too. Come down to Metaltropolis today and receive the quickest service, and best lead and delivery time in the Lower Mainland. Guaranteed.
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